Free Download Clash of Clans – BrokenBot 4.0.0 Beta 11 Public

By | January 25, 2016

Free Download Clash of Clans – BrokenBot 4.0.0 Beta 11 Public

Free Download Clash of Clans – BrokenBot 4.0.0 Beta 11 PublicDeployment now works if you have greater than 11 troops HOWEVER it will only use the first 11 troop/spells/heros – more on this to come but at least you will attack now.
Fix for users behind old proxy servers unable to login. Please provide feedback in the original issue threads if this is resolved.
Expanded log error messaging when quantity of troops do not match camp size
Fixed waiting endlessly for heroes to complete resting even after they’ve rested
Several stability improvements as always Smile.

Inital release

  • Train every troop for attacking and donation
  • Donate an unlimited number of troop/keyword combinations including spells with blacklist
  • “Search Profiles” – create search combinations for every kind of base you want to attack
  • Custom “Troop Deployment Profiles” – UNLIMITED OPTIONS – ANY troop, ANY spell, ANY target, ANY timing and criteria. Every single attack you can think of, you can use!
  • SmartAttack – combine your “Troop Deployment Profile” with “Search Profile”. Tell BrokenBot how to attack in every search scenario. Allows you attack completely differently depending on your target base.
    When making a new strategy, choose from preexisting templates or build your own from scratch.
  • SmartTraining – we now know exactly when every troop is trained and in what barrack for perfect troop distribution at all times. Boost times are taken into account so you no longer have to boost all your barracks!
  • Personal break support. BrokenBot will now catch the message saying you will be kicked offline soon and will force the break to start when in town.
  • Dead base detection is now configurable. We are able to tell how much loot is available to you in the collectors with a very small margin of error.
    Your base is now auto-detected! We now might need you to point out just one or two hard to locate buildings or none at all.
  • “Background Mode” now works in all Win 7 -10 – no more having to cross your fingers
  • “Auto BS Resize” – BrokenBot will automatically detect resize and restart your BlueStacks if needed. To help all our mods, the Screen Scale is automatically detected.
  • New BlueStacks resolution : 860×780 – the bot will resize automatically.
  • Added support for small resolutions for those of you with smaller screens! You must use an add-on app in BlueStacks for this to work, and it hides your navigation bar below the game.
  • Upgrade buildings – This feature is powerful but still beta, use at your own risk.
  • Scheduler – humans don’t play 24 hours a day…should your bot? You can set a start and stop time and a “random” time to add or subtract from the selected time.
  • Settings deletion app – please try this if experiencing problems starting the bot.
    This helper application that will automatically delete all BrokenBot settings from your PC (only). The strategies will remain untouched. Please use this to get a clean start or if the bot has an issue starting. *This is sometimes needed if the bot crashes upon opening*
    The application is located in the BrokenBot installation directory, or can be accessed in the Misc tab in Advanced settings.

How To Install?

  1. Download File Link Is Below
  2. Unzip File
  3. Install Setup Into your PC
  4. Run Setup and open Bluestacks and play Clash Of Clan
  5. That’s it.


Clash of Clans – BrokenBot 4.0.0 Beta 11 Public (28.2 MB) | Mirror

Free Download Clash of Clans – BrokenBot 4.0.0 Beta 11 Public