Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10135 x64 ISO Download

By | June 10, 2015

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10135 x64 ISO Download

Windows 10 Insider Preview DownloadWindows 10 Insider Preview Download is an early look at some of the features and functionality in store for Windows 10.

The new version of the popular operating system from Microsoft called Windows 10, although the previous major release was called Windows 8. Go directly to the Windows 10 Insider Preview reflects the company’s desire to distance itself from the not very popular previous version.

Owned therefore, was reportedly skipped ninth version: the transition from the eighth to the tenth straight intended to symbolize a great step forward, to a focus on the Internet and mobile users. In Microsoft Windows 10 was called “the most powerful platform in history.” The presenter vice president of Microsoft in operating systems Terry Meyerson said that Windows 10 Insider Preview Download is installed on a wide variety of devices of different types as compared to previous versions. Some of these devices, according to the presentations, now includes not only desktops, laptops and tablets, but also smart phones, and TVs.


  • Windows 10: They want list
  • Add tabs to Windows Explorer/File Explorer
  • Make Windows Update a one particular-quit shop for ALL drivers
  • Kill off all Aero-themed objects
  • Bring back Aero Glass!
  • Persian calendar
  • Pin Anything to the Start out menu
  • A new Notepad.exe
  • Remixing the Volume Mixer
  • Drag-and-drop apps among virtual desktops

What’s New in Develop 10135

  • Calculator app (added the multiwindow function)
  • Get Skype app (now preinstalled on the desktop)
  • Music app and Video app (added new languages)
  • Photos app (version 15.521.14150.)
  • Snipping tool (added the delayed snapshot feature)
  • When you open Settings for installed apps and swiftly select various things in a row, the Settings window continues to function as anticipated.
  • Just before this repair, the Settings window typically became unresponsive for a period, and then it automatically shut down.
  • A password recovery plan has been fixed so that it no longer hides the Submit button at the bottom of screen exactly where users are prompted to answer three safety questions. The hidden Submit button was preventing customers from ever finishing the password recovery setup course of action.
  • An issue with the backup API was fixed that was causing the .avhdx files that had been exported to the location path to be empty.
  • The implementation for querying and validating targets making use of the OneBackup WinRT APIs has been reincluded in Windows 10 Insider
  • Preview. It was after a aspect of the operating program, then it was removed, and now it is component of the operating system once again.
  • A heap corruption error was fixed.
  • An concern was fixed that was at times preventing the Camera app from working.
  • An problem was fixed that was causing a bugcheck 14F when the computer system was woken up via the keyboard just after getting asleep for two or a lot more hours.
  • The load order group of file technique drivers for the Microsoft Manufacturing OS (MMOS) builds has been rearranged.
  • Orderly removals of a Peripheral Element Interconnect Express (PCIe) Strong State Discs (SSD) using the Focus Button now function as expected.
  • WcpShutdown now returns void. This fixes an challenge where Imaging!UpdateImage would in some cases fail. 2524114 Kernel An problem connected to licensing that was causing the system to occasionally crash has been fixed.
  • The airplane toggle now works as anticipated for mobile broadband interface model (MBIM) modems. When airplane mode is turned off, mobile broadband is now automatically turned on.
  • WwanDSEventTypeCapableInterfaceRemoval is now capable to detect the insertion and removal of mobile broadband interface model (MBIM) gear, as expected.
  •  “Mobile Broadband Firmware Device” is now enumerated beneath “Software devices”, as expected.
  • The Mobile Broadband (MBB) profile now supports the case where the access point name (APN) is null but the Online Protocol (IP) form is particular. Ahead of this fix, the MBB profile from time to time failed when the APN was null even even though the IP kind offered enough facts for the connection to be established.
  • The capability to configure DisableHS400Support via OEM customization has been added.
  • The new alterations that have been added to the OEM registration page are now enabled. Before this repair, the new changes could not be accessed or utilized.
  • An concern was fixed that was stopping power saving mode from being turned on in specific situations.
  • An concern was fixed that was at times causing the sophisticated configuration and energy interface (ACPI) energy queue to deadlock and result in bugcheck 9F on particular platforms.
  • Printing Apps are now in a position to use the Windows Store device apps (WSDA) setting web page as expected. In addition, Windows ten
  • Insider Preview is now in a position to print double-byte character set (DBCS) characters.
  • Two printers were removed from the compatibility table
  • A Windows 8.1 app that was developed to enable customers switch the Pc commence screen has been removed due to the fact it is not supported in Windows ten Insider Preview.
  • Storage StorageAssessment.exe no longer returns an error when running 1 MB sequential read tests with Bitlocker enabled.

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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10135 x64 ISO Download