Total War Attila Full Version for PC Free Download

By | April 28, 2015

Total War Attila Full Version for PC Free Download

Total War Attila Full Version for PC Free DownloadThe post of the download website and download the game with the introduction of Total War Attila Full Version for PC serve you. Of course, all the fans are familiar style of Total War series of strategy titles, series titles, with a combination of two light-term strategy and at the same time enjoying the gameplay, one of the most popular titles is the strategy genre. The new version of the series with little interruption almost to its previous version of Total War Rome II has been released. First, to introduce a whole series of total gameplay look like and then try to play. Total number of games like, two simultaneous strategies style (Real Time) and turn (Turn Based) have combined. The main part of the management of the country and the government in turn you are playing in a large map of the city and can be done. But fighting game you can on your own, or the results of the battle depending on various conditions to the computer (AI) Leave or simultaneously on the battlefield, with his army to fight the enemy pay . Another characteristic of this series as well as using different historical periods for their titles. Total War Attila Full Version the case is no exception.

Total War: Attila (like Attila total), since 395 AD starts. Each year, the game consists of 4 courses and each course represents a season. Attila almost a game based on his personality made up of 320 is not present, then its role will show. Back to the discussions taking place during the game when the game is going pretty early in that period due to various circumstances the “Dark Age” (Dark Age) is known. As game makers seem to want more of the history of Europe and parts of western Asia and North Africa (of which in the past have had a major role in the world) to simulate, they have started of glory of the Roman BC Now, as they want during the fall and fall of Rome (and in particular the Western Roman) to show up by the introduction of the next phase of Europe (including the Middle Ages) have. This game can be completely free from Pasardownload.

Attila character had to pay. Attila chief (Empire) Huns about 420 to 453 years, respectively. He is considered one of the great conquerors (and maybe bloody) history to be named. He destroyed large areas of Europe in the course of his reign, and close to the Byzantine and Roman Qstntyh went West in Rome, but the city was conquered. Perhaps the most important battle in which Attila was defeated, the battle of the Plains Catalan (The Battle of the Catalaunian Plains) is. The battle in the year 451 AD occurs in some flowers in the dirt in front of the advancing Attila (Gaul) takes place. Historians believe that, if he does not stop this battle, causing huge damage was in West Europe. This battle in a historical battle (in the Historical Battles) in total games like Attila implemented.

It began to pay off. On his first 13 games, including DLC ​​Faction Overview (Faction) and the government is that the new DLC their number reaches 16. Your first among the 13 (10 Faction Overview without any DLC), which are divided into five cultural one you choose. Five cultural groups include: “Barbarian Kingdoms”, “The Great Migrators”, “Nomadic Tribes”, “Roman Empire” and “Eastern Empires”. The addition of such items as the head of government, there are four important in this sector, the state religion of choice, second choice for the country’s cultural characteristics Faction Overview of the same culture and the benefits for them in it, the third feature Faction Overview for each Faction Overview vary their choice and in the end the triumph of the rule of choice. The victory of the rule of the four-part “small victory” (Minor Victory), “cultural victory” (Cultural Victory), “military victory” (Military Victory) and “major victory” (Divine Triumph) is. The prerequisite for achieving cultural and military victories, small victories and a prerequisite to achieving major victories to win the other two.

Play in implementing the historic-architectural details of game compared to other similar titles, has been extraordinary. At least for the Sassanian rule that we know ourselves to the extent we are seeing extraordinary detail. At that time, Mars is the fourth king of Iran. Buildings within the city, with very high precision, and as far as possible to manufacturers, according to the history of design. Special buildings of that era, such as wind deflector, Zoroastrian fire temple or tower silence (silent towers) are also in the game. The names are also popular at the time and play around with the names of presence in that period as well as you pass. Total like Attila Historically, at least in Iran, head and shoulders above other games will be historic.

Total War Attila Full Version game starts in 395 AD to 400 AD, and the first goal is survival. Although the real date of birth is unknown, but Attila in 400 AD and considered to play it for you one interlude will be broadcast in 400 to bring gifts for the President on the occasion of the birth of Attila’s Huns show and then gradually The game starts. Perhaps one of the drawbacks is that the game is also over the top of the game may come up when Attila, many Western governments are completely extinct and simulations such as leaving some historical events are actually be impossible. However, that aside, you have to first look at new features in this version, immigration.

5 of the initial game Faction Overview immigrants and at the beginning of the game, not a specific territory and may even end game could go the same way. By doing this destroy (Raze) and plunder (Sack) in which we will continue to the mechanics in detail. The government can, through their teaching and through the power Artshshan military in Raid, to plunder the enemy (without attacking the city) make money. They can also Atraq in one place and their tents. This tent is almost like a city and build and upgrade work are to be taught through the new force but, like cities do not have a fixed place in the city and can not be taken into account.

The new mechanics in the game is the extensive changes. These groups due to a lack of, can cities without fear of capture by the enemy, with his large army in the map go off and do exercise enormous changes in the game. Among the changes they are doing is destroying the city or Raze. This new feature, allowing you to hold a town with all things that are completely destroyed and to convert an empty location. The mechanics of looting or Sack is different in that mode (ie Sack) you only get the city and the city’s wealth in the hands of its original owners GKChesterton but in this case (ie Raze) practically does not remain a city The government wants to belong. The mechanics that one of the things that the manufacturers on a broad advertising coverage than other sectors did not match the dynamic changes and dynamic map. Many cities may disappear off the map, and that makes a difference in the game, each player will be with the other players.

Raze system not only for migrant tribes and sedentary tribes can themselves enemies of the Raze. Yes, you read right! Raze the city your are also available. This way you can benefit cities with little to no Hkvmttan the chaos is constantly destroyed and thereby get some money. But it also has disadvantages. The first factor you will reduce military Intrigue and reduce this factor, probably rioting in the army is high, second it reduces the amount of public order and other cities of the state and the third is that if you want to the city will get back to you would be costly. To rebuild a destroyed city, you have half the army, which is supposed to restore the city as a new population of the city with a lot of money so you can get the ruins of a city and then have to start the reconstruction of the First, you may spend some time to build the city was to be spent on the reconstruction of the city.

The system also has objections, and it is that kind of imbalance in the game. After a while many cities in Europe and get to the ruins of the city is very difficult and that are causing an imbalance. Of course, this does not cause much disruption in the game and in coordinating with the history of artificial intelligence, but because of the behavior of immigrant groups and their power, destroyed much of the city, and a little ahead of the game hard more.

After this is better than any other game mechanics absence is back after a few versions we mentioned, the family tree. Recent titles Khalysh was felt in the family tree back to the game is back and very high detail. In previous versions of family tree to select a successor to the filiation and eventually ends, but in this version, in the family tree there are too many features to describe them pay. The first features two levels of power and “Control” and “Dominance” is. The two figures on the basis of family status and their influence are determined, the real power in the government you set. Each member of your family over time influence (Influence) acquires and through the rise of “Dominance” is. Through the Influence can also do different work. Gathering Support is one such work and in this way, the position of the character and your family will increase and increase your power. Other works can kill other characters and increase loyalty character’s family. Another work that is done in this sector, the possibility of entering other family character that makes your family can use their influence to win. Another part of this is to allow family members to different positions. By giving these posts, they have various benefits, such as cost benefit given to soldiers as well as their penetration rate are higher. Another part of the governor to the provinces and states can be determined. The designated governor for each state, the consent of the people of the state should be in addition to the possibility of implementing different Edict also provides the associated benefits for the state.

It is generally very high depth of gameplay added. Various events which occur over time for your family, you will be faced with many challenges that the game is more attractive than before. For example, it may not maintain the loyalty of a person to the government, suddenly he rebelled against you and form a breakaway government. You should not beat his own army, and the spread of the uprising in his country afterward. From time to time various people come to court and you may have dealt with several. For example, a person may have to visit you and you can choose a variety of gifts on his mind, such as the “ignore him” or “he accept gifts” or “spy because of his doubt, he to execute. ” In general, the more complex and extensive family tree gameplay and a good system in place in this game.

User interface than the previous version of the game has changed and improved. View money and food, and moved to the top and the various menus technology, build strength, and so on down the family tree to get easier access to them. Classified ads play well and you are less confusing. Even parts of the history of the game as well as the ability to save you specify what you want to see and then see only those cases. In addition to this is the time to see this choice does not need to spend time, you can save it as a handle to load the group quickly Dlkhvahd the history of the access. Energy icons also come in the form of a three-dimensional image of the unit and to the old-painted images, to check it is easier. Perhaps the only downside to this option is the removal of Cinematic View interface and may initially think that this view of the camera while it is not removed from the game by pressing the view of the camera can access insert Note. In total, the changes that have been made in the user interface, have been positive and have helped to improve the game.

The siege of the city is a little change in the version control system called Siege Escalation said. In this system, you prolong the siege of the city, causing damage to buildings in the city, reducing the morale of the enemy civilian population fled the city you conquered the city and this makes the work for you comfortable. The drawback is that with this, you have a very corrupt city (although not completely destroyed) and have to rebuild it to get a fairly substantial amount of money and this creates balance, and the possibility there will be no abuse of this feature.

Now that we have talked about changing the course of the game to a certain extent, it is better to pay off part of the battle. Battle of the overall system, such as previous versions and added a lot to it, but it is a significant change and the impact of the fire on the game. In previous versions of the fire is not decisive, but the current version is different. As you probably already know the power of the enemy can be hiding in the dense forest and away from your eyes, suddenly attack you. To avoid this, the new system which, thanks to its more advanced graphics, this allows you to

Catapult and fire, such as part of the jungle, big fire that reveals the enemy forces. Fire fighting inside the city are also used. The fire in one of the buildings by the bullets or shot fiery catapult Archers may fire spread throughout the city, and soldiers do not see, however, as a result of fire damage, but their spirit is weakened and conquered the city will be easy. Beyond that, the battle system of the game is almost similar to the previous version and has not been much change. In addition, as the previous version and sea-based combat can be done continues to be mixed.

Artificial intelligence game, as always, but improvements have been objections. AI has not jeopardize their amateur methods and the methods they use that seems to be the weakness of the army in the field to try to destroy you. However, AI is still room for improvement and could have gone better.
We got the graphics, total series like always considered graphic style strategy has been one of the leaders. High-grade graphics in graphics, is very high and detailed. Soldiers face details, the lawn and the nature and the best possible design, and in addition, good lighting and special effects, fire effects, which also helped gameplay, we can not be overlooked. Unlike previous versions (Total War: Rome II) did not improve on the low and medium system, with serious problems such as black and strange bugs and land, with the total built and highly optimized like Attila On average systems with relatively good graphics is applicable. Bugs games to play far less than the previous version, and represents an improvement in this area. The latest to show that the game makers from their mistakes in the construction and upgrade of the previous version have learned and have made the public title to enjoy the experience.

Music, as always with a music and epic and beautiful and fits the theme of the game are facing. Tribal folk songs in the game that you carry the new version as well. The music is somewhat similar to the previous version to be close to each other when the same version of the theme of the two, you can not go wrong with this.

The sound is also well done job creators. In addition, pronounce the name of each state do well, and Persian names difficult to pronounce, at least in the little, talk in sound in the choice of the creators as much as possible of any government and cultural issues and control based on the culture and beliefs of the time speaking with our governments. In addition, the sound units and buildings such as the deterioration of catapult and … well done voice low and deficits in this sector can not be seen.

Total War Attila Full Version as well as all versions of the total number of games like a fascinating and fun as it is rich with historical themes. This version has many changes in order to improve as most of them have been successful. However, this game is not as revolutionary changes it is very large and can not be evaluated. Nevertheless, Total War: Attila With gameplay, graphics, optimized, well, good music and of course, the rich history, fans can play the style and the historical strategy happy. So if you’re one of these people or you want to join this group, the game is up.

Resource Description:
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Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows Vista *
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 3 GHz
Memory: 3 GB RAM
Graphics: 512 MB ​​NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT, AMD Radeon HD 2900 XT or Intel HD 4000
DirectX: Version 10
Hard Drive: 35 GB available space
Additional Notes: PC integrated graphics chipsets require 64 bit Windows, eg Intel HD series.

Guide Zip:
Note that all zip codes in the site (in all sectors) is words, if you type the correct password when you trust Extract (outside the file, decompress) the same errors CRC Error or Wrong Password and encounter, to note that all the files with the extension rar on the site (with the exception of some files that are compressed to reduce the size of professionally) has the ability to Recovery (Recovery) are, which means that you can carry out the reconstruction of files, not downloaded the recovery, this method Repair (repair) is known that specific software WinRAR also. To use the method, Repair, WinRAR software to open and select the desired files, and software in the upper column, select the Repair option, has been opened in a new window that file (rar or zip) to determine and click on the Browse path of the file transfer will be set. After the reconstruction of the compressed file to a pre-determined route and visiting your new file Extract. Note that the names of all files with Rebuilt (reconstruction) starts. If the Repair method did not work and did not repair the file, the file downloaded is incomplete and should attempt to download again, to the incomplete download, no download of a file a few GB KB also due to fluctuating too quickly During the download (download, especially at night), and multiple Stop and Resume.

Installing the game:
1 – the interruption of Internet connection to make sure the system is not connected to the Internet until the end of the following steps.
2 – antivirus system to completely disable.
3 – DAEMON Tools software to download and install. ( click here to download )
4 – After installing the software, TotalWarATTILAINTERNALRELOADED.iso file to run DAEMON Tools software.
5 – My Computer, and entered into a new virtual drive that you created.
6 – to run the setup.exe file to install the game on your page.
7 – Do not run off the end of the installation process and your system Rstart.
8 – After starting up the system to run without playing into the Crack folder and file you Attila.dll, Attila.exe, doge.dll, steam_api.dll, steam_api.ini, readme.txt to install Game Copy please.
9 – After copying files may be repeated warnings that they face, in which case the option to confirm and replace select the new file.
10 – Games were successfully registered. Also note that after the crack game should never update it online.

Currently, only those who have attempted to crack the game, the group RELOADED and according to the group, so the users of crack game has bugs that need to be patient Please complete the crack propagation.

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