Skype v7.4.0.102 Full Version

By | April 24, 2015

Skype v7.4.0.102 Full Version

Skype v7.4.0.102 Full VersionThe website of the Posts by introducing software download Skype Full Version at your service. Skype name is one of the most famous and powerful software free VOIP protocol support is free for you to connect audio and video with your friends via the Internet provides. Skype Peer-to-Peer software technology to connect to your PC using a medium gives them instant messages on voice chat. Skype service from start to date has been known as the premier voice for connection to other devices such as IM and other video sharing is important. You can use Skype for free and only use their computers for voice communication with friends and family around the world pay. Skype supports many languages ​​and the service very cheap phone calls over the top of their popularity with various countries have. High quality, free from all around the world and thousands of other features that separate it from its competitors and has become a good and useful application so that it is a problem all over the world live without! This Skype Full Version software can be free from Pasardownload.

Features of Skype Full Version

  • The ability to call regular phones (reasonably priced) even better quality than regular phone
  • Free unlimited calls anywhere in the world, with other Skype users.
  • The ability to chat with more than 100 people in group chats
  • Conference call capability up to four people simultaneously
  • View your friends list
  • Compatible with all Windows
  • Video call capability

Link Download

Skype v7.4.0.102 Full Version (44 Mb)

Skype v7.4.0.102 Full Version