Notepad ++ v6.7.6 Full Version

By | April 15, 2015

Notepad ++ v6.7.6 Full Version

Notepad ++ v6.7.6 Full VersionThe website of the Posts by introducing software download Notepad ++ Full Version are at your service. Editor (Editor), one of the most popular applications on each computer that anyone can use it every day. Notepad ++ program for editing the source code (source code) program and is a perfect replacement for Windows Notepad. The software supports several programming languages. Features include syntax highlighting, separating and code formatting, code completion, editing multiple files, Drag & Drop text, full search capability, etc. It also has the ability to capture and execute macros. In addition to all these features, the software is written in C ++ that has attracted many users. This Notepad ++ Full Version software can be free from Pasardownload.

Features of Notepad ++ Full Version

  • Ability to open multiple files in one window and to call them to open this software
  • Show Dstvr- Syntax of programming languages ​​in the form of color
  • Display, edit several documents and text files simultaneously
  • Support multiple languages ​​including Farsi menus Software
  • Regular text search and replace capabilities
  • The ability to zoom in and zoom out the text
  • Support for Programming Languages
  • Supports Bookmark
  • A WYSIWYG editor
  • Macro Record and Run
  • Compatible with all Windows
  • Low volume application

Link Download

Notepad ++ v6.7.6 Full Version (8 Mb)

Notepad ++ v6.7.6 Full Version