Google Chrome v42.0.2311.90 Offline Installer

By | April 15, 2015

Google Chrome v42.0.2311.90 Offline Installer

Google Chrome v42.0.2311.90 Offline InstallerIn this website Software Download Google Chrome Offline Installer serve you. Both Firefox and Internet Explorer has long competed with each other, each with capabilities and features that the user would have to try to attract more users, at this time Google decided to give Google Chrome browser as its users. By the time the application is launched back in 2008, but has quickly attracted the attention of users. The most powerful JavaScript engine, V8, which has built one of the unique features is chrome. In addition to the powerful engine, the engine called WebKit is also the existence of which makes web pages as a shock (sudden) loaded.

In Chrome, you need to ask yourself when you want to login or would you like to search for a topic, it is loaded into the address bar and watch it. Other features of Chrome tabs manage your account, the user can tab of your favorite things (such as email) chooses to simply be available every time you open your browser and at the end of the browser Google Chrome has the ability to Safe Browsing, and this means that after you enable this feature if you browse to a site that contains malware are malicious files or login, chromium, an early warning for you to display will as you to inform. This Google Chrome Offline Installer software can be free from the Pasardownload.

Features of Google Chrome Offline Installer

  • Customize privacy settings websites
  • Quick and fast loading web pages
  • Ability to protect against evil malware
  • Suggestions for navigation errors
  • Usage statistics and crash reports
  • Quick Search and Surf
  • Compatible with all Windows
  • Ability to manage tabs
  • Safe Browsing

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32 Bit

Google Chrome v42.0.2311.90 Offline Installer (41 Mb)

64 Bit

Google Chrome v42.0.2311.90 Offline Installer (46 Mb)

Google Chrome v42.0.2311.90 Offline Installer