Atomix Virtual DJ Pro v8.0.2206 Full Version

By | April 24, 2015

Atomix Virtual DJ Pro v8.0.2206 Full Version

Atomix Virtual DJ Pro v8.0.2206 Full VersionIn this website Download Software Virtual DJ Full Version are at your service. Atomix Virtual DJ software is a fun, simple and powerful special interest to those who record, edit and play their music career. This is essentially a software program to mix files MP3. Engine software is able to track you to the best DJs in the mix and in the construction work and speed up the progress of your work. Atomix Virtual DJ utilizes advanced technology, powerful and easy to use as possible BeatLock engine lets you mix mp3 files or more large files and then to mimic the file, and provide Wright .

The embedded software engine that features intelligent automatic frequency in an atmosphere of confusion for the user to provide simple and Other Features be noted that the outputs of the entrance, as well as Digital Audio support so that you can enjoy high quality sound and editing tracks with the possibility of putting EQ and professional tools for you to make the song without the slightest problem interest as you effortlessly and Promptly. Whatever you expect from a professional software Atomix Virtual DJ is the most convenient way possible to find, use and enjoy. This Virtual DJ Full Version software can be free from Pasardownload.

Features of Virtual DJ Full Version

  • Click to rate (new FAME algorithm) – A new algorithm fame-
  • Technology On-the-fly without the need to store or any formatting
  • Standard controls (play, pause, stop, cue)
  • Dadadn rate as stretching and throwing
  • Three-band EQ with Kill + gain
  • Create automatic accompaniment mode 4/4
  • Control (from -34 to + 34%)
  • Deployment algorithm sounds
  • Simulator real search
  • Compatible with all Windows
  • Automatic beat machine
  • Automatic rotation beats
  • Level automatically
  • 12-point pace
  • Automatic calibration
  • Sound Control

Link Download

Atomix Virtual DJ Pro v8.0.2206 Full Version (57 Mb)

Atomix Virtual DJ Pro v8.0.2206 Full Version