Samsung Kies 3.2.15022.8 Full

By | February 18, 2015

Samsung Kies 3.2.15022.8 Full

Samsung Kies 3.2.15022.8 FullSamsung Kies 3.2.15022.8 Full is an software to connect your computer to your phone is to synchronize data and find new apps makes it easier. With this program you can program it in full screen on your computer. By this program you can manage your files and synchronize your PC with your Samsung phone. Samsung Samsung Kies to install the program in full screen on your computer to enjoy. Simultaneous download and transfer them to your phone with ease and comfort is made possible by this software. You can also connect via USB cable or using a WiFi connection between the PC and your phone will communicate easily and to transfer photos, videos, music and other files and important information on your phone or as Messages lists Backup your contacts. With this software you can run your music, browse photos, videos and more pay. This Samsung Kies 3.2.15022.8 Full software can be free from the website pasardownload.

Some features of Samsung Kies 3.2.15022.8 Full:

  • Enables communication between mobile phone and PC by USB or WiFi
  • Samsung computer programs in full screen
  • Synchronize files and data between mobile devices and PCs
  • Download multiple applications and transfer it to Mobile
  • Manage your phone and other Samsung products
  • Transfer photos, videos, music and other files
  • Backup of messages or contacts list
  • Find and download new programs
  • Browse photos and videos
  • Compatible with all Windows

Link Download

Samsung Kies 3.2.15022.8 Full (76 Mb)

Samsung Kies 3.2.15022.8 Full