GeoGebra v5.0.59.0 Full Version

By | February 18, 2015

GeoGebra v5.0.59.0 Full Version

GeoGebra v5.0.59.0 Full VersionGeoGebra v5.0.59.0 Full is an application of mathematical and geometric drawing. The software is fairly comprehensive coverage of the topics of arithmetic, algebra and geometry is provided. In the context of drawing geometric shapes, the input of mathematical and algebraic data area is considered. Java applet software, with perfect output frequency options that instructional designers to produce a high-quality interactive lesson plans. Compared with other software GeoGebra software for graphical capabilities, appearance, area of ​​practice, educational content for teachers and students to communicate with users, MySQL, Java and the development of software is most appropriate. This software can be free from the website pasardownload.

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GeoGebra v5.0.59.0 Full (57 Mb)

GeoGebra v5.0.59.0 Full Version